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Living an optimal life first starts with establishing a strong and stable foundation. That means attacking the day well rested, stress free, and without pain. VRB delivers.

Alex Fichtler


"Amateurs train. Professionals recover. VRB is the total package."

Logan Aldridge

CrossFit Games Athlete

"Great sleep is the difference between good and great. The Rest blend gets me there every time."

Bobby Maximus

UFC Fighter and Jiu-Jitsu Masters World Champion

"At 43 years of age it's helped take my training and recovery to a new level."

Traceable Ingredients

We source our ingredients from all over the world to build the most effective natural formulas ever. Every ingredient is verified, tested, and hand-picked for quality.

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We Donate 10% of All Profits

We view our business as a vehicle for supporting the causes we care about. This is only the beginning, we're excited to give as we grow.

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