The "MOAB"
The "MOAB"
The "MOAB"
The "MOAB"
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The "MOAB"

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Named the "Mother of All Bombs" for a reason, this extra large bath bomb puts its competitors to shame. Weighing in at six glorious ounces and loaded full of powerful natural ingredients to relax the body and fight soreness, the MOAB is everything you didn’t know you needed in your life. Luxurious baths: not just for Mom anymore.

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Relieves Sore Muscles

Reduce Tension & Stress

Promotes Relaxation

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Bombs on deck

Unleash the most powerful bath bomb recorded. With 5x the active ingredients and at 2x the size, the MOAB delivers. Every ingredient is verified, tested for quality, and sourced from industry leaders. We care about what we use on our body and we know you do to. Learn more about each of the MOAB ingredients.

Epsom Salt

For hundreds of years, this salt has been used to treat ailments

Broad Spectrum CBD

Powerful cannabinoid ideal for recovery from physical wear and tear


Herb used for millennia to promote healthy mood and sleep


Aromatherapy with orange essential oil has been used to target anxiety and depression.


Extracted from the peels of fresh lemons this essential oil helps target inflammation and boost immune defense.


extracted from the leaves of the peppermint plant this oil can help sooth sore muscles and promote relaxation

How to use?

  • 1

    Fill your bath tube with warm water

  • 2

    Drop the MOAB in the your tub and watch the magic happen

  • 3

    Step in and enjoy the most relaxing bath of your life

  • 4

    For the best results soak in the tub for at least 30 minutes. Enjoy!


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