Each one of our formulas is carefully crafted with the most effective natural ingredients from around the world. Every ingredient is verified, tested for quality, and sourced from industry leaders. We care about what we put in our body and we know you do to. Learn more about each of our ingredients.


Provides cooling, then warming sensation to skin shown to mitigate muscle & joint aches


Naturally occurring amino acid commonly used for improved memory and alertness


Shown to provide mild to moderate relief from joint pain by maintaining health of cartilage


A nootropic rich with natural energy that helps improve cognitive performance and concentration


Found naturally in black tea, GABA is an amino acid promoting calming benefits


Found naturally in the connective tissues of people and animals, chondroitin is Shown to prevent cartilage breakdown and stimulate cartilage repair


Traditionally used in folk medicine for centuries, this resin extract has been shown to deliver powerful anti-inflammatory benefits


Powerful herb shown to address muscle & joint aches, swelling, and inflammation


A natural herb used for centuries to promote healthy mood and sleep


Species of Passifloraceae plant promotes improved sleep and mood

Proprietary CBD/Terpene Blend

Powerful CBD-based blend including carefully chosen terpenes promoting recovery from physical wear and tear

Rhodiola Rosea

Natural adaptogen promoting improved mood

Vitamin B Complex

Nutrients promote increased metabolism, reduce Stress and boost mood

Valerian Root

Perennial flowering plant promotes improved sleep and mood


A natural hormone made by your body's pineal gland that promotes a healthy sleep cycle

Natural hemp seed oil

Rich in protein, fatty acids, and antioxidants


Herb used for millennia to promote healthy mood and sleep