Focus + Calm Blend
Focus + Calm Blend
Focus + Calm Blend
Focus + Calm Blend
Focus + Calm Blend
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Focus + Calm Blend

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VRB Work is the ultimate daytime CBD blend for relaxation and focus without drowsiness. Our proprietary formula combines clinically studied ingredients in the optimal balance for anyone looking to stay mentally sharp throughout the day, keep stress levels low, and ultimately get the most out of life.
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Our ingredients are specially selected from all over the world to deliver the most effective, natural formulas on the planet. We combine clinically studied botanicals in precise ratios for targeted results. Every ingredient is hand selected, tested, and verified for quality.

Natural hemp seed oil

Rich in protein, fatty acids, and antioxidants

Proprietary Hemp/Terpene Blend

Powerful Hemp-based blend including carefully chosen terpenes promoting recovery from physical wear and tear

Rhodiola Rosea

Natural adaptogen promoting improved mood


Naturally occurring amino acid commonly used for improved memory and alertness


Found naturally in black tea, GABA is an amino acid promoting calming benefits


A nootropic rich with natural energy that helps improve cognitive performance and concentration

Vitamin B Complex

Nutrients promote increased metabolism, reduce Stress and boost mood

Place 1 full dropper (1ML) under the tongue up to twice daily. Once in the morning before breakfast and once again in the afternoon as needed for performance.

  • 1

    Hold the full drop under your tongue for about 2-3 minutes then swallow.

  • 2

    To increase the absorption, move the oil around your mouth and gums.

  • 3

    Try not to eat or drink for 20-30 minutes after taking a drop.

  • 4

    Adjust the dose as needed!