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Finally, a natural sleep aid that does more than just get you to sleep.

Sleep Quality

Rest was developed for military veterans struggling with sleep. We knew that if it could work for them it could work for anyone.

Sleep Duration

Our proprietary ratio of CBD and adaptogens delivers longer, uninterrupted sleep when compared to competitive brands

Naturally “TURN OFF”

Stop wasting time because you can't fall asleep. Naturally turn off when you need to.

Wake Recharged

We use precise ratios of each ingredient to ensure you're getting just the amount needed for restorative sleep.


Here’s all you need to know

Great question. We partnered with a team of pharmacologist and researchers with years of experience treating patients with neurological disorders and pain management issues to help us build our proprietary formulas of of CBD, nootropics, and adaptogens. We formulate our products to solve problems - period. We research and test ingredient profiles of every type and size to find exactly what does the trick.

All of our products are manufactured in GMP certified FDA approved facilities. We take this VERY seriously. Our products are also 3rd party lab tested (twice!)to ensure exactly what we say is in the product is exactly what you are getting - clean, nautural and effective goodness.

We source all of our CBD from a private farm in Colombia (the country) owned and operated by an all veteran team. Colombia has some of the absolute best outdoor, organic, growing conditions in the world due to the altitude and proximity to the equator (tons of great sunlight year round). You won't find better CBD.

Each product is different and whether or not you choose Full Spectrum or Isolate. Please see FAQs on each product page for full details.

About the Founders

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Why choose VRB?

To ensure our products delivered, we tested our formulas with veterans all over the US. We knew that if our products could help veterans, they could help everyone.


  • Proprietary ratio of CBD, adaptogens and nootropics
  • Demonstrated Results
  • Transparent ingredients
  • Money back guaranteed
  • 10% of all sales donated to helping veterans

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