5 Things to Look for in Your Next Workout Recovery Cream

5 Things to Look for in Your Next Workout Recovery Cream

You work hard. Whether it’s the grueling early morning endurance workouts, serious strengthening routines, or critical fitness tests, you aren’t messing around. The dedication, determination, and courage to prioritize your fitness goals despite life’s challenges is what makes you a champion. For those who work out like a champion, you also need to recover like a champion.

Workout recovery is a crucial part of the workout routine. Rest in a workout plan provides the foundation for your body. Recovery time targets things such as muscle tear and replenishes glycogen, crucial for your body’s energy supply. Without proper recovery, you can suffer muscle fatigue, energy loss, and in certain cases, injury due to overexertion.

Why Workout Recovery Cream?

You stretch, you rest, and you ice. You take downtime - yet you still feel the aches and pains of use. If you are a veteran, or someone else who is no stranger to putting your body on the line - sometimes the normal rest cycle doesn’t cut it. Pain can be an inhibiting factor when it comes to keeping your body on the line. There is little to no way for your body to recover if you are someone who constantly is in motion, so sometimes you may need extra help to enhance your recovery.

Besides the stretch, rest, and reset cycle, another critical component of exercise recovery are the products you utilize to recover. Workout recovery cream can target the body’s pain in a quick, effective targeting approach that enhances recovery. For people who are used to having their bodies banged up and experience the aches and pains of hard work, picking the right workout recovery cream is a crucial asset to keeping their bodies in the fight.

The Search for What Works

Like any product search, being informed of the pros and cons of recovery creams you may find is a great way to start. With an array of creams to choose from, knowing the qualities of a good workout cream can ensure you are matched with the best cream possible.

When looking into your best-fit workout recovery, there is no one-size-fits-all option. However, it is important to consider an array of factors when choosing a cream that works best for you. Below, find a few that we think are important in finding your best fit.

1. Natural Ingredients

Our first factor, and a number one step when considering any potential helpful product, is which ingredients go into the product. Amidst the never-ending consumer market where quick fixes promise endless possibilities, finding products that will truly aid in your health journey is key.

A few key natural ingredients with known restorative effects include:

  • Menthol: According to the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, menthol is an effective way to treat muscle soreness due to its cooling effect. In a study between menthol and ice users, menthol provided longer lasting, more effective cooling than only ice. As a natural ingredient, it allows recovery creams to penetrate the skin and provide that deep cool relief you look for in a recovery cream.

  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin: Naturally found in the body, these ingredients are utilized in the treatment of joint pain. These ingredients help by maintaining cartilage health.

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp: In topical application, this ingredient possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties which are especially beneficial for post-workout routines.

2. Fast Drying

One of the worst parts of any topical product is the sticky, uncomfortable feeling post-application. Workout recovery creams should work for you, so finding creams that won’t leave an irritating residue are key.

3. Paraben-Free

Parabens are preservatives added to products in order to extend shelf life. This helps companies expand their product’s duration, but inserts harmful chemicals into products. Especially for those applied routinely and on the body, looking for paraben-free products can ensure your body does not suffer from harmful ingredients.

4. Pricing

Good products that work for you and improve your life quality are an investment. In certain cases, cheaply made products are not worth the smaller price tags. Sourcing key, natural ingredients may be pricier, but in the long run, are increasingly beneficial for your body. (As an added bonus, check if the product comes with a period of a money-back guarantee).

5. Reputation

Now more than ever, consumers are attuned to the reputation of companies and their product’s impact. Finding endorsed products, sourced from natural ingredients with a positive reputation is sometimes one of the most challenging factors in the search for a product that works. Not only is it important to see how a product works, but who it has helped already is a great start to deciding the product’s reputation.

Bottom Line

Founded by two former service members, VRB Labs knows what it means to put your body on the line. It also knows what it means to give back to what matters most, and not take for granted the ways exercise can positively impact daily life. When looking for a naturally sourced, proven effective product that won’t leave you feeling the sticky effects of a topical cream, VRB Labs’ Recover Cream can be your next best post-workout investment. Created in response to those looking for a fast-acting, deeply working recovery cream in order to stay in the game, this one is made with you in mind.