Join us in helping to bring our Afghan allies home.

For those that don't know, we had Afghan nationals as interpreters, contractors and in other roles where they went out of their way to help coalition forces while we were in Afghanistan.  And we owe them something for that.  Right now, the Taliban is in power in Afghanistan, and they're actively getting after the people that helped us.  And the special immigrant visa process is not streamlined.  It is a tough process to get through.  Every day that we leave them there on the ground is a day that they and their families are physically in danger.  

August 2022 marks one year since the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan and we're trying to bring awareness to the fact that this problem still exists and there's something we can do about it.  No One Left Behind is asking veterans, frontline civilians, and all who worked alongside our allies to share their stories about the critical role Afghan interpreters, contractors, and more played in the Global War on Terror keeping US forces safe.  Tag No One Left Behind and use the hashtag #FinishTheMission and encourage others to share their stories. 

No One Left Behind is also actively lobbying Congress to streamline this process in order to get as many folks as they can out of harm's way in a timely manner, and getting the funds to repatriate them and their families settled in the United States.  

So if this resonates with you, click here to see how you can get involved.  Thank you.