How CBD Can Positively Impact Recovery w/ Chase Hobby

How CBD Can Positively Impact Recovery

VRB Labs co-founder Chase Hobby explains how CBD can positively impact recovery.  

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"What does CBD have to do with recovery?  CBD, for otherwise healthy individuals, is a natural, effective, non-habit-forming tool for managing stress, sleep and pain.  The anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties of CBD are the primary drivers of athletes using CBD for recovery.

Bottom line: aching in muscles and joints as a result of weight training and exercise, or even sitting for an extended period, is generally driven by inflammation of the joints and muscle.  Reducing that inflammation can reduce the aches and pains stemming from physical activity and reduce recovery time.

According to the NIH, CBD can indeed reduce inflammation in the body.  Reducing inflammation helps improve pain and mobility.  And Dr. Perry Solomon, previous chief medical officer and founding member of HelloMD, told “Broadly speaking, it does decrease inflammation both when it's rubbed on muscles directly as a topical as well as when taken orally.”  

One consideration to keep in mind is that CBD is lipophilic, or fat soluble, which means it compounds in your body over time, adding to potential health benefits.  Takeaway: the more regularly you take it, the more effect you can expect, generally speaking.

In addition to directly affecting muscles and joints, CBD’s anxiolytic properties make it a powerful compound for improving sleep.  As most of us know, sleep is where the lion’s share of the body’s recovery processes occur.  If you remember nothing else: optimizing your sleep is the first step to optimizing your life, including physical and mental recovery.

CBD is safe, natural, effective, and legal.  Everyone from former special operators to professional athletes are using it as an effective tool in the kit to keep the body moving. If you take care of your body it will take care of you.  So in sum: get great sleep, mobilize, move your body, eat a healthy diet, and consider natural supplementation with tools like CBD to fill the gaps.  We’ll see you out there."