The Drop №. 87 with Guest Alex Witt

The Drop №. 87 with Guest Alex Witt

VRB’s weekly list of things to read, watch, listen to, and try that have helped us live better and be better. Brought to you this week by our Guest Alex Witt.

Alex Witt is the CEO and partner at Battle Bars. He served 4 years in the US Navy, where he completed a tour of service in Iraq. He led sales for a logistics startup which he helped grow to 250+ employees. After 13 years, the business was acquired by a top ten 3PL in the country. Alex currently has an ownership stake in multiple businesses and regularly donates to military and first responder charitable organizations. He has a passion for fitness and is the founder of 10.40.10 fitness, a military/first responder-themed gym which provides affordable blueprints to transitioning veterans who want to build a career in fitness.

Victory by Puff Daddy ft. Notorious B.I.G

Listen to Victory by Puff Daddy ft. Notorious B.I.G. when you’re working out. Toward the end of long workouts, I’ll throw this on repeat. Full disclosure: don’t listen to this for longer than 10 minutes straight while running or your heart will explode. In a good way.

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Family videos

Watch old videos of your kids. Life is hard and it moves fast. One of the coolest things modern technology has given us is the ability to take more pictures and videos of our kids. They grow up fast; blink, and they’re noticeably older. Especially when I’m stressed out, I find it incredibly calming to sit and watch videos of my kids or the photo presentations my iPhone puts together. I always walk away feeling better and refocused on what life is all about.

No Surrender by Paul Waggener

Read No Surrender by Paul Waggener. This book isn’t for everybody – Waggener is intense, opinionated, and candid. Consider No Surrender a field manual for creating work with heart. Bottom line: if you want to create something worthwhile in business you must be obsessed. When I find myself obsessing over even the tiniest details in a new venture I know I’m on the right track. If you’re the kind of person who wants to steer their own ship with no other hands on the rudder this is book is for you.

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A Challenge

Try something challenging, big or small. That can mean anything from eating clean for a week to deciding to train for your first marathon. Consistently taking on challenges has been incredibly impactful for me. If you’re in need of ideas, we crafted the sixty-day Patriot 60 program to essentially redefine what it means to be an American. You’ll eat clean, volunteer in your community, write letters to people you care about, and more. Do hard things and your life will be better.