The Secret to a Great Life

The Secret to a Great Life

Good Days ≠ Good Life

I love good days. Love ‘em. I love days spent outside in nature. I love days spent with family and friends. I love days spent reading alone. I love easy, carefree days where I find myself wondering what day of the week it is.

Days like these can be enjoyable and provide real respite from the grind of life.

But when you start to string those enjoyable days together over the course of a lifetime the result is not necessarily a life well spent.

The key factor in the distinction is the struggle associated with endeavoring to do something hard that holds meaning (whatever that might be for you).

A great life is marked by hard work to accomplish worthy goals.

The great life is full of tough, and gratifying, and fulfilling days. And yes, enjoyable days too.

Time x Hard Work x Worthy Pursuits = A Fulfilled Life

A life spent working hard to elevate your family is a fulfilled and honorable life. A life spent struggling to become the best possible version of yourself is not an easy life, but it will be a gratified one. The list goes on.

There is, obviously, a time and place for taking the pack off and just having yourself a day. In fact, those days should be somewhat frequent. But, and here’s the point, if your goal is to be satisfied both now and when you look back at the end of your life you must take on worthwhile challenges and work like hell to overcome them.

Get busy building your fulfilled life. That could mean starting to exercise every morning, volunteering at your local food kitchen, or simply having that uncomfortable conversation that will unlock an important relationship that has gone off track. Whatever it is for you, this is your sign to hop to it.

None of us get out of here alive and there is no time to waste.