About Us


We believe that physical fitness sets the conditions necessary for us to be better humans in all aspects of life. Our body is our vehicle and by prioritizing it we ensure mental readiness, emotional resilience, and preparedness for the curveballs life inevitably throws our way. VRB exists to enhance your performance and quality of life by leveraging cutting edge research to build natural products that optimize your body and mind so you can focus your effort where it matters most – living a strenuous and meaningful life.

Our Story

From as early as we can remember, whether on the sports field, in the gym, or on the battlefield, fitness has played a foundational role in our lives. While we come from different backgrounds, cultures, and military warfare specialties, our shared passion for human performance initiated a friendship that has grown into a joint mission to solve the problems faced by today’s athlete while giving back in a meaningful way.

With lives spent taxing our bodies playing division 1 college sports and through careers in Army Special Operations and Naval Aviation, recovering from wear and tear has become a part of day to day life. Individually, we had tried several performance & recovery products, but couldn’t find an effective and natural supplement that addressed our needs.

​Intrigued by the rapidly growing body of research around CBD and its potential for helping athletes with inflammation, pain, anxiety, and sleep – we began experimenting with CBD products. After months of product testing, we were immensely impressed with the results. No more ibuprofen, no more sleepless nights and a significant drop in stress levels. We had found a plant-based, all-natural solution to our common performance complaints. However, nearly every product on the market seemed to be a fly-by-night operation with some combination of questionable ingredients and opaque manufacturing processes. After unsuccessfully searching for a product that met our expectations, we decided to build our own CBD products from the ground up focusing exclusively on helping athletes like us recover and perform at their best.

We found R&D partners in a team of researchers and pharmacologists with years of experience compounding CBD-based formulas for patients suffering from neurological disorders and pain management issues. Over the following months, the team researched, developed, tested, and retested countless formulas before creating VRB's flagship products – Work and Rest.


Rooted in science - proven in performance, our products are purpose-built to help optimize physical and cognitive performance. 

We set out to create a product that went above and beyond industry standards and set the new bar for quality and efficacy. VRB is proud to deliver.