11 New Ways to Boost Immune System Functionality

11 New Ways to Boost Immune System Functionality

Over the course of the past few years, we have seen how important it is to protect our health. Safeguarding our wellness is a top priority - and consists of top-notch support for aiding our wellbeing. The crux of our health resides in the immune system: our network of cells, organs, and tissues that fight off disease (and keep you feeling in the gym and at work). Without our immune system, we are prey to hosts of infectious illnesses, so it's our part to make sure our immune system is in the best shape possible. 

With tons of research on how best to support the body’s immune system, we seek to provide a little nuance on how to boost immune system functionality. While you will find some familiar ways to boost immunity, we are here to help you incorporate new ways to support your immune health in your daily activities - so you don’t have to stop anytime soon.

11 New Ways to Boost Immune System Functionality

Here are some key ways you can integrate immune support into your daily life:

  1. Zinc: A healthy immune system relies on Zinc. Zinc is a nutrient found in the body that promotes health by fighting off viruses and bacterial infections. Zinc is crucial to the body’s composition as it allows for the growth of DNA, and is thereby necessary for development. To increase Zinc, use a daily multivitamin, or make sure your diet is in line with one that supports healthy levels of Zinc in the body. Poultry, breakfast cereals, and whole grains are all ways to incorporate zinc in day-to-day life. 

  2. Think Vitamins: Vitamin D & Vitamin C, to be exact. Incorporating these two vitamins can boost immune health while also allowing your body to recover quicker when faced with infection. Vitamin D is known to protect bone health, but extends further to overall bodily homeostasis. In a scientific study, those with a Vitamin D deficiency were shown to have a harder time warding off illness (looking for Vitamin D - think fish or certain juices). 

    Of course, we can’t talk vitamins without the mother of all immune-boosting micronutrient: Vitamin C. Vitamin C acts in your immune system’s favor by contributing to the cellular buildup of your immune system. This means that the functionality of your immune system depends on it as a building block. Looking to up the vitamin C intake? Citrus fruits are your best friends. Adding even one to your diet can help you reach vitamin C requirements!

  3. Power of Probiotics: When it comes to immune health, your gut is your greatest friend. That is because it is exploding with helpful and harmful bacteria that your body either uses or fights to function. Probiotics are powerful tools in that they target inflammation at the source - leaving you with a cleaner, healthier feel.

  4. Garlic: Vampires aren’t the only things afraid of garlic - whole garlic is a natural way to fend off inflammation and protect immunity. High in sulfur, garlic acts as a catalyst for your body to process zinc, which is crucial to support immune health. 

  5. Bone Broth: If you have ever had soup while sick, this is probably why. Bone broth actually has restorative properties that can help boost your immune system while feeling sick. This broth targets your gut (where the health of your immune system lies) and allows for proper function and movement. Making sure you are staying regular, and rejuvenated. 

  6. Lemon: Bursting with Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, lemons also contain ‘flavonoids,’ or compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. This means it can be an immune boost whether consumed or applying it topically. Look for lemons in our immune-boosting “MOAB,” where this key ingredient promotes crucial immune defense. We prefer our bath bombs to boost our immunity, while helping us unwind after a hectic day

  7. Sunshine: With the weather warming up, sunshine is your immune system’s best friend. Not only do we seem happier when we can catch those coveted rays, but it contributes to our body’s natural Vitamin D intake. Skip the gym every once in a while and train outdoors - your immune system will thank you.

  8. Sweat! Whether from a sauna or a long walk on the beach, sweat supports immune function. Your body’s natural detox - studies have shown that perspiration can have antimicrobial peptides that repel dangerous illnesses. Not only are you allowing your body to naturally cleanse, but you’re making room for healthier bodily functions as well. 

  9. Exercise: Regular exercise is key to any healthy lifestyle, but did you know exercise supports immune function as well? Studies have found that 30-45 minutes of aerobic exercise supports immune cells, making them top quality defenders against disease. Along with this, exercise allows for better sleep and better mental health - operating in a fine-tuned machine to help support your overall well being.

  10. Rest: This one should come as no surprise, but rest is important in all forms. Whether it is in securing those 7 hours of sleep, or making sure that you take a break from the computer and give your mind a breather, rest lowers cortisol levels and increases feeling of calm and competency. The less overwhelmed you feel, the better your immune system will be equipped to handle whatever comes its way. 

  11. Stress Management: One of the most proactive things you can do when supporting your immune system is finding a stress management method that works for you. When you are constantly stressed, your body receives high levels of cortisol, which deters healthy immune response. We understand there is no one size fits all when it comes to lifestyle, so whether it is a certain circuit routine, new hobby, or conversation with friends, finding what works best can be your ticket to great immune health.