The CBD-Minded Guide to Overcoming Stress

The CBD-Minded Guide to Overcoming Stress

Veterans have to deal with a lot of stress. Whether it is from years and years of dedicated service, readjustment to civilian life, or aches the body accumulates from time spent in duty, stress is inevitable. That does not mean it has to be unmanageable. Your impactful, success-driven lifestyle does not have to be sidelined because of stressors. When looking to manage stress, look no further than our guide to navigating whatever life throws at you- and coming out on top.

Navigation Tools for Stress

When trying to figure out what may be impactful to your daily routine, it is important to look at your lifestyle, habits, and times that you may experience stress. If you are someone who experiences severe stress, such as that caused by PTSD, it is good to reach out and talk to a trusted figure or professional. Below are some ways individuals can address stress in day-to-day life.

  • Stay Active: When it comes to managing stress, exercise is a given. According to the Mayo Clinic, even 15 minutes of exercise can make a significant impact on your mental health. Exercise increases endorphins, and these feel-good neurotransmitters are crucial to motivation and a positive outlook. So next time you are debating if the gym session or trail run will make a difference - lace up your shoes, it is worth the extra step.

  • Hydrate: Stress effect’s your body’s homeostasis, or natural balance. When impacted by stressors, the body develops an immune response, which can take energy away from you accomplishing the things you want in your day. Drinking water has been shown to have a direct correlation with reducing anxiety and restoring your body out of its fight-or-flight state. Swapping even one sugary or caffeinated beverage with plain drinking water can be a simple, concrete step to navigating stress.

  • Get Some Sleep: Sleep impacts all aspects of daily function, including memory and mood. A lack of sleep can increase irritability, and make normal tasks harder to manage. According to the APA, most Americans would benefit from an hour to hour and a half increase of sleep. A contributing factor to lack of sleep is stress, which only enhances the cycle of stress during the day. For those who have trouble sleeping at night, the inability to get crucial rest can be exhausting. At VRB, we know how important relaxation is, so we created Rest, a sleep-enhancing Nighttime CBD blend to address the need for sleep after nonstop days.

  • Keep a Social Circle: Veterans are often used to being around people, all the time. Forming important bonds and trusting those around you is part of the job. Readjusting to civilian life can be challenging as not everyone is going to experience the same thing as you, which can be a new experience. Looking for veteran support groups, or finding the nearest sports club can be great ways to socialize and build meaningful connections. Creating weekly check-ins with loved ones over the phone can be an impactful way to stay in touch with who you are, and motivate you to keep achieving.

  • Your Diet = Your Daily Helping Hand When it comes to stressors, it is important to provide your brain with the nutrients it needs. Eating a wide array of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, beans, and whole grains can disease risk and promote a longer lifespan. Proper nutrition can also decrease the risk of unhealthy weight gain, heart disease, and high blood pressure, which add to stress. Choosing to swap processed foods with natural, healthier options is a way to deal with stress.

  • Avoid Suppressants: Alcohol and drug use may be pleasant in the moment, but it can contribute to long-term side effects. Drinks in moderation are fine to consume (about 1 glass of wine a day for women, 2 for men), but overindulging regularly can lead to disease and breakdown of proper bodily functions.  Alcohol acts as a depressant, which can increase symptoms of stress. Being aware of this, and looking at drinking patterns can be a way to navigate stress and avoid increasing a sense of lowness.

  • Prioritize Your Happiness: For people who are used to serving and making an impact, self-care can feel like an alien concept. When dealing with stress, however, it is crucial to find time to take care of yourself, whether in participating in a hobby, exercising, or hanging with friends. Ultimately, the time spent investing in yourself will come back as you will be more able to handle stress as it comes throughout the day.

  • CBD - Your Best Tool for Navigating Stress

    Sometimes you need extra help to help feel prepared to tackle whatever is thrown your way. One proven ingredient that helps to navigate life’s stressors is CBD, which helps the body’s central nervous system to calm down. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of one hundred compounds found in the cannabis plant, and is specifically used for treatment of chronic stress. It helps to return your body to homeostasis, therefore reducing the negative effects of stressors on the body.

    For times when you are looking for a boost of energy in the middle of the day, we have our Focus + Calm Blend, which synergistically decreases stress while providing an increase in focus. When looking to rest and recoup after another busy day pursuing your goals, look no further than the Sleep Blend which promotes the relaxation you need for your daily goals. When looking to navigate stress, VRB labs knows the importance of high performance and good rest, all of which can be helped with our clinically-backed solutions for stress, sleep, and pain.