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The best way to ensure productive days at the office, in the gym, or on the field is to have restful nights. Everyone knows how important sleep is, but damn can it be elusive. The good news is that VRB Rest is scientifically engineered with the most effective natural sleep aids on the planet. One drop delivers the total package you need to get the recovery and rest you deserve. Our Sleep CBD blend helps you naturally transition from a high tempo day into a calming, relaxing night while providing nutrients critical to recovery and a productive tomorrow. All without that groggy hangover feeling in the morning. Skip the nightcap - go all natural with VRB Rest.

+ Stress Relief

+ Naturally Calming

+ Quickly Power Down

+ Restorative Sleep

+ No Groggy Hangover Feeling



Natural hemp seed oil

Rich in protein, fatty acids, and antioxidants

Proprietary CBD/Terpene Blend

Powerful CBD-based blend including carefully chosen terpenes promoting recovery from physical wear and tear


Herb used for millennia to promote healthy mood and sleep

Valerian Root

Perennial flowering plant promotes improved sleep and mood


Species of Passifloraceae plant promotes improved sleep and mood


A natural herb used for centuries to promote healthy mood and sleep


A natural hormone made by your body's pineal gland that promotes a healthy sleep cycle

How should I take VRB Rest? 

We typically use 1/2 dropper (.5mL) under the tongue 30 minutes before bed. Hold the oil under your tongue for 2-3 minutes then swallow. To increase the absorption, move the oil around your mouth and gums. Try not to eat or drink for 20-30 minutes after you take a drop. Adjust the dose as needed! 

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John V.
United States United States
Look no further!

I spent 25 years in the military and as an aviator, traveling the globe, and constantly having my circadian rhythm disrupted. I have had a great deal of trouble getting a good nights sleep, while feeling rested. I’ve been prescribed all sorts of sleep aids and not pleased with the results, until now! The VRB labs Nighttime blend is absolutely a game changer. The quality of uninterrupted sleep was amazing. I woke up feeling rejuvenated, without the groggy feeling that most other sleep aids resulted in. You will not be disappointed!

Stuart W.
United States United States

I have tried many different products including prescription medication to try to get good sleep without side effects. REST is the only product that delivers for me. I appreciate what Chase and Evan are doing.

Alec Z.
United States United States
A “Must Have” for Your Sleep Routine

I use the Sleep Blend rest formula every night. Within 30mins I feel relaxed and my eyes always get heavy. Going to sleep isn’t a challenge like it was before.

John G.
United States United States

Works like a charm!

United States United States
The Real Deal

I’m an entrepreneur who wakes at 4:15am every day — this is the first product or method I’ve utilized that ensures no groggy feeling in the morning and I’ve been using it for over a week straight. Pumped to keep it in the routine, and would highly recommend it! Can’t wait to see what VRB comes up with next.