The Answers to All Your CBD Questions | VRB Labs

The Answers to All Your CBD Questions | VRB Labs

When looking for a product that enhances your calm and focus, there are many available to choose from - including on the CBD market. CBD products have been a key source of calm, especially for those on the go (athletes, veterans, and professionals we’re looking at you). With proven effectiveness in managing certain types of pain and reducing stress, this is an attractive way to best support minds and bodies on the go. Below we address key questions to ask when looking to purchase CBD oil and some information about CBD oil’s benefits for veterans and athletes alike.

Are all CBD blends the same?

Short answer- no. When speaking about CBD oils, there are three main types that are available for consumers. First, there is CBD Isolate - this is the closest thing to pure CBD oil. CBD Isolate only contains cannabidiol, which is pure CBD without the fatty acids or terpenes found in other CBD products. Other forms include Full Spectrum CBD - which is a full whole plant extract. Along with this, Broad Spectrum CBD contains all compounds except for THC, or the psychoactive properties.

Beyond the spectrum of CBD products found on the ever-evolving market, one thing about our products at VRB Labs stands us apart from the rest. Our mission is to provide targeted natural solutions for stress, sleep, and pain. To do that, we’ve developed, CBD blends that contain additional botanicals, nootropics, and adaptogens that go above and beyond to support focus and manage stress at the source. The intentionality behind our product mirrors the quality of our products - which means you are receiving clean, targeting blends to conquer what you need to keep moving. Our products and purpose speak to how.

How can CBD positively affect Health and Wellbeing?

According to Harvard Medical School, CBD has numerous purported health benefits due to its calming nature. Studies and clinical trials have shown CBD to reduce anxiety and insomnia, which leads to improved fitness and overall wellness. Along with this, CBD is known to reduce inflammation, especially when it comes to joint pain and inflammation. Along with exercise and healthy behaviors, CBD can serve an important role in improving health and wellbeing.

How does CBD benefit athletes and professionals?

The answer to this question is intertwined with the very mission of VRB Labs: to develop the very best natural solutions for those striving to live optimally. The founders of VRB Labs, Evan and Chase, had banged up their bodies playing Division 1 sports and persevering through the rigors of their military careers. VRB was born to solve the issues they faced.

CBD oils can help with the stress incurred by the day-to-day lives of high performing athletes and professionals. CBD is also shown to help manage chronic pain which often interferes with everyday performance, especially for those that rely on their body for their line of work. By tackling inflammation, and supporting a calming mindset, CBD oil manages to keep your head and body in the game.

What is the best form of CBD Consumption?

The best form of CBD is sublingually-administered due to the highest and fastest absorption rate. CBD taken in drop form, under the tongue is a direct, effective way to administer CBD. This allows for quick and clean administration for optimal effects.

What is the Best Time to Take CBD?

Ultimately, the best time to take CBD is up to your daily schedule. Knowing when you need the boost of calm and focus is the most important aspect to properly utilize CBD’s calming properties.

Many CBD users prefer to use CBD oil in the morning to boost focus and productivity during the most active time of the day. However, if you are someone who suffers from lack of sleep or racing thoughts from packed schedules, CBD has calming properties for quality rest (for more restful properties of CBD, see what veterans use to fall asleep faster).

When it comes to applying CBD to your own life - you are the best gauge for what will best work for you and your packed routine. CBD and its variety of uses, whether for restoring calm or aiding focus, can be an incredible tool to jump start your day or give you proper rest at night

As mentioned above, the best part about VRB is that it doesn’t solely rely on CBD to give you what you need. The addition of botanical extracts and adaptogens work in conjunction with CBD to ensure you’re still in the game no matter what you may need. For a better picture as to how our CBD blends can be your best help, read and see where you can integrate our CBD blends into your schedule.

Our CBD Blend Routine

Read below to see how the most driven doers benefit from incorporating CBD into daily life - especially when targeting issues such as sleep, stress, and pain management. 

Work - Focus + Calm Blend

Designed to stimulate focus, creativity, and energy, the blend of seven super active ingredients in Work blend can help you achieve everything you want to accomplish in the day. While promoting energy and focus, it also works to decrease stress and inflammation in the body, meaning you are at the top of your game to get more done. Crafted with Organic CBD, MCT Oil, Red Ginseng, and other powerful ingredients targets stress so you can be at your best. We take the Work blend as part of our morning routine and again after lunch to make sure the anxiety of the day doesn’t distract us from all the things we need to accomplish.  

Rest - Sleep’s Best Friend

Nonstop during the day? We get it, your mind may not be able to shut off at night. That’s what our sleep-enhancing blend of natural ingredients are for in our Rest Nighttime CBD blend. A targeted blend including Organic CBD, MCT Oil, Organic Valerian Root, Passionflower, Kava Kava, and Melatonin, these ingredients work together for a calming night’s rest, while providing critical nutrients for an alert tomorrow. Unlike other sleep aids, this won’t leave you with the groggy hangover feeling the next day. Shutting off the phone, placing 1 full dropper under the tongue 30 minutes before bedtime, reading a book and dozing to sleep is how we at VRB like to promote our best nights rest. 

How does CBD oil make you feel?

CBD oil works in conjunction with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, which helps with receptors within the brain and other bodily functions. So how does it feel? Unlike THC, which has the “high” effect associated with the hemp plant, CBD has a calming effect which helps the body regulate in times of stress. However, it also is versatile as it supports focus and can provide restorative energy. When utilizing oil, these effects can be felt about 15 to 45 minutes after application.

VRB’s CBD blends go beyond standard CBD as our Work blend has added botanicals and adaptogens that work harder to support you throughout the day. Our Work Blend includes ingredients that not only calm, but reduce inflammation and enhance focus. Made for elite, always-doers, this formula does not slow down to reflect the drive of those who use the blend.

How long does CBD oil last?

The duration of the effects depends on a few factors. Each body is unique, so everyone will respond differently. This is also dependent on how much you utilize. As it is not medically prescribed, starting with a low dosage and seeing how the body responds is your best tool for how long CBD will last for your body.

In general, you can feel the effects of CBD oil for a period of a few hours after application. The VRB Work Blend includes 1ML (1 Full Dropper), which is 25 MG of CBD per 1 ML Dropper.

Bottom Line

Naturally boosting a sense of calm and focus during the day is no small task. VRB’s Work Blend contains CBD, MCT Oil, Rhodeola Rosea, Maca, and Ginseng in precise dosages to support focus and calm. Focus + Calm Blend is a natural CBD oil blend that stimulates focus and creativity to help in any daily task.